Parent/Carers FAQs

What is the Party About?

I have received my invite, what do I do next?

The Christmas Party is an inclusive free event just for children with disabilities and living with complex needs. Children are invited through schools, specialist schools and organisations throughout the local region.

Aged between *0 and 12 years, children could be either physically impaired, intellectually impaired, seriously ill or disadvanaged.
*Our Perth, Melbourne and Sydney Parties are from 3 to 12 years.

The party can generate a significant amount of noise, We encourage bringing hearing protection.

The party can sometimes seem very overwhelming with long lines and big crowds, but if you attend after midday, the majority of lines and crowds will have gone. We will not run out of presents!

There is no need to RSVP, but it is important that if you are not going to be using your invite or think you may not be able to attend, please send it back to the school or organisation that you received the invite from. Each year, there is an extremely long waiting list and we have to turn away lots of requests.

I have lost my invite and/or wristband! What do I do?

Is there any cost to attend the Party?

Please get in touch with the school or organisation you received the invite from. No Invites are left at the door on the day of the Party. The Party is completely free once you have entered the venue

Can siblings attend?

General rules regarding invites.

We try, as much as possible to limit the amount of siblings attending for 3 major reasons.

1. It is the unknown the amount of siblings that attend. We have catered for a certain amount of children to attend with regards to food and drinks. We always overcater to make sure parents and carers are feed, but if each invited child just brought 1 sibling each, all of a sudden there will be double the number of children, plus parents/carers.

2. Space. We are limited to the amount of people at the venue. Safety officers at the venue monitor this and if it is out of control, we won’t be allowed to continue hosting this very unique day.

3. The presents/toys. Only the invited child will receive presents and be allowed to go through the toy room to collect them. This can cause problems sometimes, as some children cannot understand why some are receiving presents and others may not.

Only the eligible child receives an invitation and entry is available for no more than 2 parents/carers. Parents/carers do not require an invitation.

The invitation must be presented on the day and the wristband must be on to gain entry to the venue.

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