Parent/Carers FAQs

What is the Party About?

I have received my invite, what do I do next?

The Special Children's Christmas Parties is an inclusive free event just for children with disabilities and special needs. Children are invited through schools, special schools and organisations throughout the local region.

Aged between 0 and 12 years, children could be either physically impaired, intellectually impaired, seriously ill or disadvanaged.

There is no need to RSVP, but it is important that if you are not going to be using your invite or think you may not be able to attend, please send it back to the school or organisation that you received the invite from.

I have lost my invite and/or wristband! What do I do?

Is there any cost to attend the Party?

Please get in touch with the school or organisation you received the invite from. No Invites are left at the door on the day of the Party. The Party is completely free once you have entered the venue

Can siblings attend?

General rules regarding invites.

Because of COVID-19 and current restrictions, we cannot allow siblings to attend. It is generally an unknown each year how many siblings attend and we are extremely restricted when it comes to numbers and a safe social distance.

Only the eligible child receives an invitation and entry is available for 1 parent/carer.

The invitation must be presented on the day and wristband must be on to gain entry to the venue.

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