How long has the party been going?

The Christmas Party has been running for more than 25 years. Each year our events get bigger and better with new and exciting entertainment and toys for the children.

Our events are now regarded as the biggest events of their kind in Australia for children with disabilities and complex needs.

What sort of children attend?

We work closely with hundreds of charities, care providers, schools, community groups and government organisations throughout Australia to select the children. The children invited are children, who may have one or more of the following: serious illnesses, physical and/or intellectual disability and complex needs.

Where do you source the children from?

We contact hundreds of schools - mainstream and specialist, care providers, government and charitable organisations who work with these children on a daily or weekly basis.

Due to the privacy act, we are not allowed to know the names of children who attend, so we rely on the above to apply for children in their care.

I have children that are eligible to attend the party, where can I find out more information?

In June of each year, we contact schools, care providers, government and charitable organisations. They are provided with a username and password to access our registration system and it's up to them to request an invitation.

We are not allowed to send them to the general public as we have to rely on the above sources, who work with your child on a daily, weekly or montly basis.

Your first point of contact should be your school. If your school or local organisation hasn't heard about the Christmas Party, please direct them to the link below.

How can I support?

If you are in business and want to be seen supporting the Party, please contact us by following the link below.

Can I volunteer at the event?

Volunteering at one of the Christmas Parties is not only rewarding, but a great experience. We have opportunities available for the setup, pack down or the day itself.

Got more questions? Contact us!