2017 Tasmanian Special Children's Christmas Party

We need your help to give up to 1,200 very deserving children in our community an experience that they will never forget. We are working with many charities, schools, community groups and government organisations to make this happen. The children invited will be suffering from one or more of the following: life threatening illnesses, physical and intellectual impairment, domestic violence, or living in underprivileged circumstances.

Our Goal is simple: To put smiles on these children's faces. We have been doing this for 20 years and with your help we can do that again in 2017!! We are holding the event on Saturday 18th November at The Derwent Entertainment Centre and there is great entertainment including amusement rides, animal farm, craft and a host of other activities. The children receive free ice creams, drinks, chips and lunch. There is a 3 hour stage show and of course the highlight for the children is when the big man in the red suit arrives in his open sleigh then the fun begins as we open Santa's toy room for the children. Now this is what puts us head and shoulders above anything else ever done in Tasmania. If you can imagine over 5000 high quality toys and each child receives 2 toys plus a show bag full of goodies!!! Can you imagine their eyes light up when they see that!!

If you are in business and wish to enhance your local image while helping Tasmania's children, please download our proposal.