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For more than 20 years we have hosted the Christmas Parties for Special Children right across Australia, giving children with special needs the opportunity to attend these events is something we couldn't do without the generosity of their individual business communities.

Working with Radio and Television Stations across Australia, we encourage the business community to help support the Party, by taking a very small advertising package. In return, they receive advertising and more importantly, an invitation, to actually attend the Party and see exactly how their sponsorship has made the day possible.

The children are aged from babies up to 12 years and may be suffering from life threatening illnesses, physical or intellectual impairments, domestic violence, or living in underprivileged circumstances. The children are personally invited through Charities, women's refuges, schools, special schools, government and community organisations.

Our Goal is simple: To put Smiles on these children's faces, and with your help we can do that again this year. We hold the events from mid November to mid December and there is great entertainment including amusement rides, animal farm, craft and a host of other activities. The children receive free ice creams, drinks, lollies, fruit and lunch. There is a 4 hour stage show and of course the highlight for the children is when the big man in the red suit arrives in his sleigh then the fun begins as we open Santa's toy room for the children. Now this is what puts us head and shoulders above anything else ever done in Australia. Each child receives 2 high quality toys plus a show bag full of goodies!!! Can you imagine their eyes light up when they see that!!

Currently there are 15 Christmas Parties around Australia and 5 in New Zealand. If you would like details about a party that may be in your local area please feel free to call 1300 88 77 36 or visit our Contact Us page.

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